Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery

This page is about scarless robotic thyroid surgery, the latest advancement in thyroid treatment. It has been crafted with inputs from Dr. Sandeep Nayak and the MACS Clinic team in Bangalore. Dr. Nayak is a surgical oncologist in India, renowned for his expertise in thyroid surgery and inventor of RABIT (robotic assisted breast-axillo insufflated thyroidectomy) technique of robotic thyroid surgery.

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Overview – Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery: Revolutionizing Thyroid Treatment

Scarless robotic thyroid surgery offers remarkable benefits to patients. This cutting-edge technique invented to avoid scar in front of the neck seems to be having other advantages as well.  Patients experience precise treatment without visible neck scars and reduced post-operative discomfort.

Robotic Thyroid Surgery

Discover the innovative approach to thyroid surgery with scarless thyroid surgery.

Understanding Scarless Thyroid Surgery

Scarless thyroid surgery is a revolutionary method of treating thyroid conditions. This approach removes all or part of the thyroid gland. As the name suggests, it does not leave any visible scars on the neck. This cutting-edge procedure caters to most individuals in need of thyroid surgery. It is available in both robotic and endoscopic approaches. We will discuss both methods of scarless thyroid surgery on this website. Scarless thyroid surgery represents the latest advancement in thyroid procedures. Only a select few surgeons with exceptional expertise and specialized training conduct it in the world.

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Read on to discover the innovative world of scarless robotic thyroid surgery.

Introducing Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid Surgery Scar 

A conventional thyroid surgery often leaves a noticeable undesirable scar. New techniques make scarless thyroid surgery a reality. There are two main approaches to scarless thyroid surgery- robotic and endoscopic.

Thyroid Surgery Scar

Types of Scarless Thyroid Surgery

Scarless thyroid surgery offers two different approaches.  

Scarless Robotic thyroid surgery

Robotic thyroid surgery 1

Robotic no-scar thyroid surgery utilizes advanced robotic technology. The incisions are away from the area, usually near the armpit and breasts. Surgeon performs the surgery using the advanced technology. There are different ways in which robotic surgery can be performed.


Retro-auricular: large (10 to 13 cm) wound behind the ear. If total thyroidectomy is needed similar wounds are needed behind both ears.


Trans-oral: this involves removing thyroid from few wounds in mouth. Mostly very small thyroid nodules can be operated by this.


Trans axillary: this involves large wound (10 to 13 cm) in the arm pit. Has many limitaions.


RABIT (robotic assisted breast-axillo Insufflated thyroidectomy): Currently RABIT is considered the best technique of robotic thyroid surgery as it does not require additional equipment, easier to perform and very versatile as most of the additional surgeries like lymph nodes dissection  can be performed with ease. RABIT is the technique invented and pioneered by Dr Sandeep Nayak.

Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery:

Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery

There are many techniques of scarless endoscopic thyroidectomy. The surgeon uses a scope, not a robot, to see and operate in the required area. A scope is a thin tube with a tiny light and video camera attached. The instruments are straight rigid instruments.

The robotic approach is usually the preferred option for scarless thyroid surgery. Generally, thyroid surgeons recommend robotic thyroid surgery over endoscopic thyroidectomy especially for cancer.

Are you wondering about the financial aspects of scarless thyroidectomy costs?

The scarless thyroidectomy cost may vary depending on various factors such as:


the specific technique used


the extent of the surgery


the hospital’s location

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Now, let’s learn more about the preferred approach to scarless thyroid surgery.

Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery - How does it work?

Scarless robotic thyroid surgery using robotic RABIT technique  has emerged as a successful option in recent years. Neck scars can cause self-consciousness for many patients. This advanced technique aims to avoid visible scars on the neck.

 surgery using robotic

Scarless robotic thyroid surgery involves dissecting and removing the thyroid gland. The surgeon makes the incision in distant locations resulting in no neck scar. The most common placement for the incision is the skin in front of the armpit. This approach achieves the same successful outcomes as traditional surgery. But they offer improved cosmetic results and patient satisfaction.  

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cosmetic results

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Next, let’s read about Dr. Nayak’s RABIT Technique.

RABIT – A Revolutionary Approach to Thyroid Treatment

Dr. Sandeep Nayak pioneered the RABIT (Robotic-Assisted Breast Axillo Insufflate Thyroidectomy) technique. RABIT revolutionizes thyroid surgery and replaces conventional open thyroid procedures. It represents a significant advancement in thyroid cancer treatment. RABIT offers patients a less invasive option for thyroid cancer treatment. option for thyroid cancer treatment.

Understanding RABIT

The surgeon accesses the thyroid gland through small incisions. These incisions are usually  8 mm, made in the breast and armpit area. This advanced approach is ideal for removing thyroid tumors of any size or dimension. We have performed  15 cm thyroid tumors with extensive lymph node spread successfully. Dr. Nayak perfected this innovative approach over the years, delivering successful outcomes.

District advantages of RABIT:


Magnification makes it easier to save the important nerves needed for voice.


Parathyroid gland preservation is made easier by clarity of vision and indocyanine green based preservation technique mastered by Dr Nayak. Parathyroid gland is important for calcium in blood.


Can perform the entire surgery with single docki

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Got more questions? Let’s head to our FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to recover from Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery?

Recovery time depends on individual factors like overall health and the extent of the surgery. Most patients can expect to resume their normal activities within 1 weeks after the procedure.

What is the success rate of Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery?

Scarless robotic thyroid surgery has shown remarkable success in complete removal of nodules or tumors and minimal risk of recurrence.

What are the common risks or complications associated with Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery?

Complications are rare. There is a slight risk of temporary voice changes or difficulty swallowing. However, these issues resolve on their own within a few weeks as the throat heals.

Are there any specific post-operative instructions or precautions to follow?

Patients must avoid strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or intense exercise for at least two weeks following surgery. This helps reduce the risk of complications and allows the body to focus on recovery.

How soon can patients expect to resume their normal activities after undergoing the surgery?

Patients can generally expect to return to their normal routines relatively quickly. Many are able to resume work and other daily activities within a few days to a week after the procedure.

Is scarless robotic thyroid surgery suitable for all thyroid conditions?

Scarless robotic thyroid surgery is generally suitable for various thyroid conditions. They include benign and malignant tumors including those extending into chest (retrosternal).

Can any surgeon perform scarless robotic thyroid surgery?

Scarless robotic thyroid surgery requires specialized training and expertise in robotic surgery techniques.

What is RABIT (Robotic-Assisted Breast Axillo Insufflate Thyroidectomy)?

Dr. Sandeep Nayak developed RABIT, a robotic surgery method for thyroid surgery. It involves making small incisions near the breast. This approach leads to minimal scarring and a better appearance.